Out-of-this-world vehicle interiors
Each and every bodywork we create is characterized by exceptional originality and practical solutions introduced. Unusual and challenging projects are our specialty. Every single day, we develop and implement new functional initiatives. We utilize only top quality materials for our projects. Our professionals take a proper care for every element of the new interior of the vehicle to be simply perfect and for the final effect to be 100 % successful for even the pickiest customer.

VIP van bodyworks meet the needs of even the most demanding customers. That is why each of the projects represent the highest possible level of luxurious comfort that is additionally harmonically combined with innovative and designer visual layout. We are capable of implementing every desired improvement in a vehicle.

The interiors of vehicles designed by use are to be as comfortable as humanly possible, but we know all too well that safety cannot be neglected. Therefore, all the customization projects realized are performed in such a way to be accepted by proper officials, while at the same time combining coziness, exceptional look, and the safety of passengers.
Passion driving innovations
It all started with tremendous passion and constantly developed solutions. Formally, the company was established in 2013. It has to be said that the beginnings were not easy. The current CEO, Mateusz Geborys, started transforming vans into passenger cars in a garage that was made available to him by a friend. He had exceptional knowledge, yet his capabilities were strictly limited. Even with his above-average motivation, he could customize 1 car per month only. Development plans were however implemented gradually and the company has been doing what is has been best at.


Constant education & exceptional willingness
to realize individual ideas
Our bodyworks have been becoming gradually better and we have been observing both foreign trends and markets while at the same time focusing on the needs of our clients. We have let the best in the industry inspire us and we have learned to make bodyworks that are at the highest international level. In 2015, we finally moved to a new space perfectly adjusted to the specificity of our work, thanks to which we could start customizing as many as 30 cars per month.
Spectacular VIP bodyworks
A great breakthrough took place in 2016, when we acquired foreign investors and established the CA Richmann L.L.C. Company. Even though the seat of the firm was located in Warsaw, we decided to move production facilities to Podhorce. It allowed us to develop infrastructure, equip our space with required devices, and granted us the required working space. In such a way, the biggest company dealing with car interior and exterior customization, VIP bodyworks, and other projects of such kind came to be. Nevertheless, we have not said the last word yet. We want to constantly develop and expand, especially by improving our production capabilities and the scope of services. We want to constantly look for ways of making our offer more adjusted to customer’s needs.